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Would you know if your pet was sick? One of the most challenging parts of pet ownership is understanding when something isn’t right with our much-loved animal. Their inability to communicate with us directly, plus their natural predisposition to mask any symptoms of illness for as long as possible means that it can be extremely difficult to tell that our pet is unwell and in need of professional medical attention from a trained veterinarian. Often, by the time that we realize our pet needs care beyond the norm, whatever illness they are experiencing has had time to have a considerable impact on their health.

The process of diagnosing a sick pet is not that dissimilar to that for obtaining one for a human. Any great vet has a number of valuable diagnostic tools at his disposal. One of the most effective is ultrasound scanning. We are committed to being able to diagnose the animals in our care promptly and accurately. As such, we offer a comprehensive ultrasound service here at our veterinary facility serving Lakewood Ranch, FL.

What is Ultrasound Scanning and How Does it Work?


Ultrasound scanning in pets is no different from that for us as humans. Ultrasounds work by transmitting invisible sound waves into your pet’s body. These sound waves are absorbed, reflected or just pass harmlessly through the internal structures of your pet’s body. Those that are reflected and returned as echoes can be converted into images. These images will appear on a screen in the room where your pet is being scanned and will then be assessed by a trained professional.

The process itself is non-invasive. The area of your pet’s body that is causing concern will be shaved so that the ultrasound probe can make better contact with his skin. A special gel is placed onto the probe which is then moved around over your pet’s body. The gel acts as a conductor for the sound waves to pass through the skin and into your pet’s body making the process more efficient.

What Health Problems Can Ultrasound Scanning Help to Diagnose?


Ultrasound scanning can be used to detect and diagnose a variety of different illnesses and health problems. Some of the most common uses of ultrasound in veterinary care are to:

  • Check the overall size and position of your pet’s vital organs
  • Detect and monitor pregnancy
  • Look for cysts or abnormal growth, particularly in the liver, pancreas, and spleen
  • Identify gallstones and sludge in the gallbladder
  • Diagnose unusual enlargement of the spleen
  • Check for any obvious abnormalities


Are Ultrasound Scans Safe For Pets?


Unlike x-rays that use low doses of radiography to create images of the inside of your pet, the sound waves used in ultrasound will have no adverse effect on your pet’s health and wellbeing. X-rays are now much safer than ever before, but ultrasounds are completely harmless and as such, are a common and popular diagnostic tool in both veterinary and human medicine.

Our ultrasound service is available to all pets in and around Lakewood Ranch, FL. To schedule an appointment for your adored animal, please contact All Pets Clinic in Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202 at your convenience 941-751-1200.

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