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Dental Services

​​​​​​​A dental procedure is a common thing among veterinary practices. It is necessary for your pet to have one performed on them at least once per year. Since your pet cannot brush their teeth, plaque and tartar buildup become much more of a problem. This can be easily corrected with a dental.

Dental procedures have a few different steps. Dental scaling is done to break the thickest layers of plaque and tartar off. Next we clean under the gum line. Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria lurking underneath the surface of the gums. By cleaning this area thoroughly, we are able to minimize the risk of periodontal disease greatly. Finally we polish the teeth to create a smooth even surface so that it becomes harder for plaque and tartar to attach. All of these steps are done while your pet is under anesthesia so they dont feel a thing.

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